A serious lack of Progress?

In this two long weeks that I’ve had between my job of ten years and my new ocupations as grad student, I’d had such high hopes, such high hopes…finishing the housepainting, restoring light fixtures for the living room, tuckpointing the foundation to list three things. Of the above, none are done. It’s either been too hot or too wet for any of the outdoor tasks. One lovely thing I’ve found out about house repair tasks is that they don’t go anywhere.

Dad was kind enough to assist with the relaying of the two chimneys, seen above, before the roofers came. We were in a time crunch–the mess needed to be made on the old roof before they tore it off, so we had one weekend to do the masonry. Right in the middle of the worst of the heat wave. We fried like eggs. That, the roof going on, and packing for school remain the only items in the “completed” column. Oh, and hacking down the jungle my flowerbeds became.

In new news, I’ve put in the deposit for the Grad Pad, which will be taking the form of a former upstairs bedroom in a formerly quite impressive large house on 9th Street hill in Lafayette. A refrigerator is parked in the former closet, but hey, I’ve got a kitchenette, as well as the original upstairs bathroom, complete with enormo-tub. No lease signed yet, but deposit has been made, application filled out, and assurances made. I assume I’ll be moving in Monday, with a phone call being made sometime this weekend.

What a thrilling post. The blogging thing is rather new, and it’s taking me a bit to get into the swing of things.


~ by dblomenb on August 12, 2006.

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