Progress being made

After putzing around the house yesterday, I managed to finally get off my duff and take a whiff of the lovely cool air outside. Doing so made me feel guilty as hell for not getting more done on the house this week, so I slunk back inside, put on some grubbier gear, and propped a ladder against the house and started painting. The green is all but done. I only have the eaves of part of the house left for trim.

In addition, I managed to draft a total of SIX record reviews, which I’m sure will please the website. It’s likely they’ve forgotten all about me, as I haven’t shown up on their radar since June. I’m not out of the woods yet–I still have about 24 more discs to review. The price of greed. Beware, children, and take heed of my plight when you reach later life!

The landlord for Lafayette has called me back to inform me that indeed, I have been approved to rent from them and can move my items and accoutrements starting tomorrow. Good thing, as my duties at the university start that very same day. I’ll be packing up the car this evening. I’ll devote next weekend to getting the bike up and running so that I might be able to tool around the town without being impacted by British Petroleum.

But no, the lawn’s not been mowed, the housepainting isn’t completed, the backporch woodwork ain’t varnished, nor is the closet door. In spite of that, however, I’m gonna just sit here and drink some Cabernet.

~ by dblomenb on August 13, 2006.

One Response to “Progress being made”

  1. Apparently you’ve figured out how to get comments back in the time between when you called and when I got back to check my own settings.

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