From Camus’ Notebooks

Considering I can’t seem to string words together on my own, I’ll at least keep somewhat close to the idea of writing by typing the words of someone else.

“The happy thinker is the one who follows his inclination; the exiled thinker is the one who refuses to do so–out of truth–with regret but determination.”

“One must bave the strength to choose what one prefers and to cling to it. Otherwise it is better to die.”

“Milton’s Satan is morally very superior to his God, as whoever perseveres despite adversity and torture is superior to whomever, in the cold assurance of an unquestioned triumph, takes the most horrible revenge on his enemies.”

“‘I withdrew from the world not because I had enemies, but because I had friends. Not because they did me an ill turn as customary, but because they thought me better than I am. It was a lie I could not endure.'”

–Picture adapted from Jonas Akerlund’s video Good Boys Never Win


~ by dblomenb on July 15, 2007.

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