Local Bookcrawl–the Damage Done

Well, the Half Price Bookstores in the area did not disappoint this weekend. Yesterday I managed to pick up a brandy-new hardcover volume of the Samuel Beckett set. Today I found two volumes from the Library of America for $5 or so, as well as David Eggers’ new novel for $3.50. In addition, I found the newest novel by Maxine Hong Kingston for a buck and a couple of other things. And on the way I hit a garage sale and got a garden rake and a mortarboard (and the non-dayplanner version of such, for you Purdue peoples) for a total of $1.50. It’s been a fairly good day.

It appears that the parakeet enjoys being read to aloud; will sing right alongside whatever it is you are reciting. It has to be from the page, however–reciting from memory or simply talking to him gets a rather stiff response. Experimental electronic music and Big Band stuff are genres that the bird does not at all enjoy–something about the machine noise or the compressed sound of the brass always results in an extended series of AACKs from the persnickety bird. Classical and 80s New Wave seem to be the faves.

I’m going to get some reading done, dammit. I was happy to have a pen while I was slopping at one of the interchangeable Chinese buffets this afternoon–I actually got more writing ideas and notes put down. Let’s see how that progresses.

–Photo adapted from L’Etoile de Mer by Man Ray


~ by dblomenb on July 21, 2007.

One Response to “Local Bookcrawl–the Damage Done”

  1. Yeah, I go “aack, aack, aack” when forced to listen to certain electronic music as well. Keep Dave in line, birdie! (You got a name yet?)

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