Ok–I’m mad as hell and ain’t gonna take it any more. Anyone with an objective mind can see that the crap we’ve been fed for over 5 years has been nothing but grade B Bullshit, and, though I know quite a few people that were very much for a Clinton impeachment for keeping a blowjob hush-hush, I’ve noticed far less vehement a response in the face of the staggering crap going on in Washington. Folks, I’m thinkin it’s past time for impeachment. Cheney, Bush, and that weasel Gonzalez (“Would you permit the U. S. Attorney to carry out the law, or would you block the execution of the law?” “Mr. Chairman, your question relates to an ongoing controversy which I am recused from. I’m not gonna answer that question.” Oh, and don’t forget, he’s also the one that says that American citizens have no Constitutional right regarding Habeas Corpus–who needs something like that?)

Shall we look back on the last 6 years? The call for Visqueen and Ramen Noodles and duct tape (a corresponding sale of which was obligingly given by community Kroger stores immediately after Cheney’s announcement), the well-timed terrorist threats over the past years whenever enthusiasm flagged, the fact that, assurances to the contrary that we can trust the government, we still had wholesale warrantless wiretapping of the general American populace. You don’t have to worry, of course, if you’ve got nothing to hide.
Gay folks can’t marry (sanctity of marriage? I haven’t seen an outpouring against atheists and agnostics and non-Christians getting married. Perhaps because they already have that right. We don’t want to give out new rights if at all possible), and their parenting is certainly going to be substandard, but Cheney’s grandchild is off-limits for such conversations, evidently because the child is related to the Vice President.

People can’t board a plane with bottled water or Power-Ade or nail clippers, but people can cross unobserved (or observed but without follow-up) the borders of New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, and North Dakota. In spite of this, the rules and requirements for non-Americans to legally get into the country are absurd enough to give one insight as to why people don’t bother with it.

And now, terrorists are putting large blocks of cheese in their luggage. Cheese, people. Cheddar, and not good cheddar at that. Be afraid. If my legislators cave in in upcoming votes, there’s gonna be hell to pay. If there’s one thing that this past term has done, it’s made me an active member of this electoral process, and politics is gonna be a part of this blog. I don’t particularly want it to be, but the conditions require it. Grr.


~ by dblomenb on July 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Impeach!”

  1. Welcome to the land of the outraged, dear. You’ll be in fine company.

  2. So how do you REALLY feel?

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