I’ll take you outta this world baby, with a lovin’ feelin.

While I get the hang of a perfectly flat laptop keyboard that radiates heat– certainly something to get used to–I thought I’d mention a singer everyone’s likely heard of already–Amy winehouse. The first time I’d ever heard of her was when she got incarcerated due to her addled fight with her boyfriend. I had no idea who this chick was. Now that I got a computer and a bit of free time, I thought I’d see who this person was, expecting to read about another one of those manufactured stars like Britney and Lohan, and instead I find someone who has a wonderful recent album of heroin-meets-Motown combined with a touch of Diamanda Galas–who has quite a few harrowing releases out there, along with this amazing performance with Alan Wilder’s (formerly of Depeche Mode) recoil. Winehouse is certainly in trouble, and her family is encouraging people to ignore her recent album, but from what I’ve heard, her Back in Black album is worth looking into. Of course, I may be writing this about 9-18 months too late, as is my usual M.O. regarding pop music.

Still no new pictures yet–the drivers aren’t readily available for my camera and my hard drives have yet to be easily connected to my laptop.


~ by dblomenb on September 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “I’ll take you outta this world baby, with a lovin’ feelin.”

  1. Wagner beats Winehouse!

  2. Awesome. Wagner. Gotta love it.

  3. lovely to have you back Mme. D…

  4. A warm laptop can be nice on a chilly winter’s eve. Meanwhile, get yourself a laptop pad of sorts if you need one. Don’t want you burning any sensitive bits!

  5. No, lovely to have YOU back.

  6. Wow…did you really have to empty the room to buy the laptop?

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