I Hate Vista. I Hate Vista. I Hate Vista.

Okey folks, I know just enough about my laptop to know that I sincerely, truly, honestly, unabashedly hate Microsoft Vista. It’s truly the biggest, most bogged-down load of flaming goatshit on toast I’ve had to deal with. It is running right up there with 1993-era Russian bureaucracy. And that ain’t good, folks. Earlier today, Vista decided that it wanted to shut down my computer and restart it. no matter that I was doing research. no matter that I was answering student emails. The overall feel, for those that have been there, is AOL back just before everyone revolted against AOL. Remember? Do not shut down your computer. AOL is installing important updates to your computer. And there you sit, for a half hour, watching Yellow Man Running. It’s like that. Infuriating. You don’t like settings as they have them? Well, the path to the areas that allow you to adjust said settings is a quest of Hobbit-like scale. Muting the sound also makes it so that you can’t close the Volume window. Evidently Vista believes that if you want things muted, you plan on changing your mind soon. I think a strongly-worded letter is in order. Especially since I can’t get XP anymore…this is the only operating system I’m able to get from Micro-suckin-soft.
In happier news, the latest book from Alice Notley is out, the one who brought you The Descent of Alette and the one who was weirded out by Dave’s starstruck-ness at AWP in Atlanta this year. From what I’ve seen, it isn’t quite as difficult to access as The Mysteries of Small Houses. I’ve also seen that the latest issue of McSweeney’s is out now, with a tribute to Barthelme, and in addition there is a box set of flash fiction out there from the same folks that proves to be interesting.
After spending untold hundreds of dollars on my car, the parking brake refuses to disengage, which left one wheel smoking profusely after a low-speed roll of 5 blocks. I was obscenely and verbosely cussing my fate when I found that the intersection I just passed through had two badly-damaged cars just involved in an accident–I suppose things could be worse. Here’s hoping the damned brakes disengage for my drive home tomorrow. I promise never to use the parking brake ever again.


~ by dblomenb on October 4, 2007.

One Response to “I Hate Vista. I Hate Vista. I Hate Vista.”

  1. Oh dear. I’m most sorry!!! I suppose there’s no chance you can return the laptop and join us Mac types… And I suppose you don’t have your old Windows software CDs in case not …

    And apparently your mechanic needs to fix the parking brake for free. Grrr. (Um, and don’t swear off the parking brake–it is a good thing.)

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