Unusual talents, Plus, The International Tranvestite Revue

Oh Dear. I could be working on my lesson plans. I could be writing the Great American Novel. But, I started with the recommendation of one of the Chinese Grad students at Purdue, who was completely amazed and mesmerized by someone named Vitas, who has very impressive falsetto. The song is very much what I remember to be typical Russian Pop Music from my time with Kristen in Moscow, but this guy has something special. I looked around for a vid that had the best sound quality and resolution, and this what I was able to find that didn’t involve exploding fish. If I could do this, I’d be a professional singer too. By the way, the shrouded musicians are reminiscent of the faceless characters in Man Ray’s early film Les Mysteres du Chateau de De.

In unrelated news, I have found various unusual and completely hysterical video clips from around the world that involve people wearing clothes that some would not consider work-appropriate for their gender. I remember at my previous job that some supervisors interviewed someone who showed up to work in drag and all went quite well save for the fact that he had forgotten to shave, leaving quite a bit of stubble showing through the foundation, however thickly it was applied. Earlier yet was a person who was (and perhaps still is, on the City Council for Ft. Wayne Indiana, who on various occasions, showed up at the Southtown Mall branch of Home Loan Savings Bank in full drag, ranging from a Minnie Pearl-type getup (he stepped down from a Monster Truck parked in the lot) to a Klinger-style Nurse’s outfit in a shiny red Miata in the drive-thru.

At any rate, we have, of all things, transvestite Russian/Ukranian Ska (wrap your head around that one, folks); he happened to be also the Ukranian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, whose persona is a disturbing combination of a Christmas tree and my dearly-departed Grandma Irene, his song “Dancing” was quite the hit. At least he got rid of the big star headdress in later days.

But oh, that ain’t all. In addition to that, we have Dame Edna, much adored in Britain, whose show is a bit of a twist on the typical talk show. I’ll be sure to keep you abreast (ahem) of further developments in this area.


~ by dblomenb on October 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “Unusual talents, Plus, The International Tranvestite Revue”

  1. I knew more about this recent Eurovision contest than you? My head is exploding. I loved the Ukrainian drag queen. Something about the silver lame lollypop stick headgear, and those fun glasses they kept putting on during the video.

    That is my commentary for the night, though I am guessing if I decide to buy a new laptop, though I can’t conceive as to why I would need one right now, I should buy a Mac, though others might fit the price range better.

  2. Mallet-Stevens’s architecture is still impressive…

  3. Oh, and I never blogged about her during my stay, but Verka Serduchka is a major persona throughout Ukraine and Russia. She appears all over the place–you almost can’t have a tv variety show without her. The wikipedia article on the artist is actually pretty good.

  4. Goodness that falsetto is gorgeous.

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