Debt, Thy Name Remains Davo

Well, it’s October and I’m hemorrhaging money. After the first brake issue ($600), I had to finally bend to necessity and get a laptop ($650), then there was the second brake issue ($250), then the dental issue ($250) today, and then the other bills. It’s a good thing I’m easy on clothes and am not too proud to wear things that occasionally look ridiculous (my sweaters would be a good case in point). This October break was not particularly productive, but I did at least manage to get a few books that I know I’ll be needing for next semester’s classes. I was hoping to actually get a review or two done, but perhaps that can wait for the coming weekend. I have many reviews to write. Perhaps I’ll just work on those in the evenings…get about 5 done and then send them off.

I’ve been reading through one of the latest issues from McSweeney’s Press–the box set of flash fiction, which is generally ok, with some really rather interesting pieces. I’m about halfway through the last volume. In other news, Half Price Books was selling blank books and sketch books for $2 each–woo Hoo!


~ by dblomenb on October 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Debt, Thy Name Remains Davo”

  1. Hey, you whiner, be glad you get an Octoberbreak! Harumph.

  2. Davo! Glad to see you’re back online! Sorry to hear about your recent car/microsoft problems. Myself, I’m planning to make my next laptop one of those $100, flash-drive-driven, pullstart-powered dohickies. You think I’m kidding? You just wait. It’s gonna be awesome.

  3. Keep repeating until you believe it: “It’s only money. It’s only money”. And remember, Salvation Army stores have half price Wednesdays!

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