waaaay too much to do…

I’ve not posted much recently, and am not sure when that trend will end, as this weekend is a bit out of control—book reviews, record reviews, term papers to grade, revisions to make, and new stuff to produce, not to mention all those other more mundane things I’ve been putting off that need to be attended to, such as bills and groceries and laundry and such. I’d had an idea for a thought-provoking post based on something Robert Hass said in an interview, but that thought went away. I hope to regain it at some point but it’s not likely to be this weekend.
As a diversion, I went to the Indianapolis Library book sale at ten this morning, after not having been there for several years. The same people run it, the same hoards with their bags, stale tobacco-and-cat smell comb the shelves. I found a volume of Yevtushenko–whose poetry was used by Shostakovich for his 13th symphony–and though he’s supposedly an egotistical ass in person, picked it up, along with Oppen‘s collected poems and another anthology of English Renaissance poetry. CD’s were going for 50 cents, but with my main focus on classical stuff that wasn’t scratched all to hell, ended up with not particularly much–Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night some Continental Renaissance music for two violas, and a collection of stuff by Taverner. Oh, and Erasure’s latest album, which has cover art that it so glittery it makes Barbie’s dream album art look like the Stone Temple Pilots. I mean, it’s like My Pretty Pony had an acid trip with the Care Bears in Neverland. I remember them from that year before I started at Purdue in Lafayette. They’re still going strong, but they should fire their graphic design team.


~ by dblomenb on November 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “waaaay too much to do…”

  1. Um, you told me you stopped doing record reviews. What’s um, Mister? I think you are just trying to come up with excuses not to blog.

    Your Walking Guilt Machine

  2. I like those toys. You should post more pictures of those toys–and the other toys in your cubicle. Then you don’t really have to blog, but can do photo essays and let others connect the dots, dashes, and semaphores.

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