You want snow? >WHAP!< Here’s yer snow.

Well, the stage is set for the first humongo-snow of the season, and–what bliss–I don’t have to worry about doing anything other than reading /writing /dusting /Interweb-surfing in the comfort of my own home. If I find that I need groceries, I’m sure I can stomp through the piling precipitation for the entire block between me and Kroger. We are expecting anything from 6-12 inches here in Indy. To keep myself occcupied when reading tires, when writing isn’t happening, and when eyestrain makes the screen hard to focus on, I’ve decided to swap the back bedroom with the front office, which raises enough logistical issues to match the “chickens and foxes in a single boat trying to cross the river” logic problem we likely all had to work through in Algebra/Math class in high school. It appears my house is currently arranged for maximum book/art/furniture storage. Any other possible arrangement involves sacrificing bookcase/dresser/artwork space. This is a problem, as I’ve got easily 250 books more than last time I arranged the furniture. I’m afraid it’s gonna be time for a cull sometime soon. [Heh–bet none of those I know would have expected me to think of something like that.]
This has indeed been the season for surprises…. Earlier this week, Pez called and offered, as a Christmas gift, to fly me to Seattle for the Holidays, which is quite something, as I’ve not done much traveling save that between Indy and Purdue for the past 18 months. Thanks, Pez! For some reason, this winter break is shorter and far busier, so I’ll likely be working on finalizing my syllabus/scanning necessary poetry for readings/revising/composing/etc while I’m in the Land of the Tall Latte.
In addition to that, my good friend Tina called me out of the blue to offer to take me to the Indy Zoo for their Holiday shindig. Considering that every moment with Tina is an experience, I jumped at the chance. The wind was up, the lights were on, and the animals were more active than I’d ever seen them. Word to the wise–go to the zoo on crappy days. The animals don’t care that it’s cloudy and like it when there are fewer people around. The seals were happy and vociferous, the walruses were amorous (ahem), and the dolphins wheeled through their routine though it was well after dark. While we waited for the show to start in the dolphin arena–well above the splash zone of course–Tina and I spent our time speaking scandalously and snapping pix. I’d decided a while ago that I wasn’t going to trim my hair until my second year was over. I started off looking kinda Hemingway. Considering the grey, I thought I’d end up kinda Whitman by May, but it seems I’m veering off toward looking like Berryman instead, which isn’t quite what I’d been hoping for. At any rate, Tina manages to have sharper cheekbones than I do in this shot.

By the way, going back to the oncoming storm, Kroger’s latest sale works perfectly…nothing like stocking up on Pizza-flavor Pringles, frozen pre-cooked shrimp, and Chardonnay for those times when you’re snowed in. Sheesh.


~ by dblomenb on December 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “You want snow? >WHAP!< Here’s yer snow.”

  1. Oh my god. It’s Mountain Dave!!! What on earth possessed you? Have you been reading too much Dostoevskii again?! šŸ˜‰

  2. He bought the Compleat Grizzly Adams.

  3. Woah, beard! Beard!

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