More pix from the Fair

So, while I sit here at my desk, trying not to eat the food set aside for the party, I thought I’d post a few more pix of the Fair. As with the last post, my eye kept getting caught by the signage. For example, we have the following enticements:

On the other side of the same booth is the same sentiment, spelled better, and, as an added bonus, everyone’s favorite: quotation marks as “emphasis”–

These pigs, however, need no “buckels.”

Now, regarding the “fried x” trend, we’ve come, in the past six years or so, from the fried Twinkie, to the Fried Ho-Ho, to the Ding-Dong, the fried Oreo, the fried Snickers Bar, and then, last year, we hit what I sincerely hoped would be the end of the “deep-fried x.” That nadir was Deep Fried Pepsi. You heard it. And, in case you’re asking (and I know you are), deep-fried Pepsi is essentially funnel-cake batter with Pepsi instead of water. After it comes out of the fryer, the powdered sugar is substituted by a drizzlin’ of pure Pepsi syrup. I could only picture the chunderfest after eating one of those and hitting the teacup ride. So, after that, you’d think it’d be over. But no. Frankly, after seeing these signs, I’m thinking that they’re trying too darned hard. (and the cookie dough sign has ruined the Pillsbury dough-boy for me for all time. I’ll now only be able to see him as a sort of acid-freakout hellspawn , pushing death-dealing fritters.)


~ by dblomenb on August 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “More pix from the Fair”

  1. Dave, your post last year inspired me to attend the fair for the first time just so I could try that deep-fried pepsi. Imagine my disappointment when they didn’t have it. In fact, they didn’t have much of anything deep fried. Apparently, the West is far behind the Midwest in this culinary adventure. I wonder how the fair in Louisiana will fare. I have high hopes. Wish I could be at your party!

  2. What, pray tell, are “pig buckles” or would I have a better life not knowing?

  3. At least I am not the only one wondering what “pig buckles” are, though not knowing what they are, can I be sure that “pig buckels” isn’t the proper spelling?

  4. I grew up on a pig farm and I don’t know what pig buckles are — or pig buckels either. Are they belt buckles with likenesses of pigs on them or, perhaps better yet, shaped like a pig? What kind of fashion statement is that?

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