Dream: Rabbits

July 2007:

In town (looks like Indianapolis, but the feeling is more East, rather like Dayton Ohio) and I need to make my way to a school to observe or teach or something for a class. I’m on a bus. I realize I’m not quite on the right route. I’ll have to get off someplace and do a bit of walking. I’m talking with the busdriver. She tells me not to worry and then drives up to a rural church, driving across a sloping median (almost flipping the lumbering bus in the process) to end up in the parking lot. I get out and find myself in the middle of the church’s fundraiser, where wax figurines are $2.00. Old 1950s candles in the shapes of brides and choir members, etc.

Behind the church I see a large white house, where, evidently, some relatives of mine live. I’d been there at some point months before. I go upstairs as the relatives talk downstairs in the living room.

In the stuff I found upstairs–I realize I’d left quite a bit more behind than I thought–was a slender white Forecast suitcase and vacuum-sealed aged steak. At some point, the kids of these relatives (so I’m assuming) had slit the plastic and extracted a steak, leaving the remaining aged steak to spoil.

I still had to get to the school. I put various things in the white suitcase. Outside, I hear my father talking with the owner of the house, walking across the bif front yard, when I wake up.

The striking thing I remember from this dream is, as I was walking to the house, with the early evening sun setting behind it, was that I could see the rabbits hidden in the unmown lawn by the sun shining through their upright ears. They showed pink in the expanses of sunlit green.

Photo: Davo. Rabbit: Suzanne Blomenberg


~ by dblomenb on August 17, 2008.

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