The Grass has Grown under Your Feet–Alison Moyet

I’ve been rather behind the times in spite of all the free time–I just found out that Alison Moyet, famed vocalist of 80s group Yaz (partnership with founding Depeche Mode member Vince Clarke, who later became half of Erasure), has had a new solo album out (called The Turn) since October of ’07, fer godsakes. In spite of financial straits, I went right out and bought it and am finding more vocal tricks to learn yet. It sounds elemental, and I’m sure it is, but, in light of the first single from her album, I’m prepared to ask Lydia–specifically with the chorus–how to adequately deal with vibrato on open “Ah’s” in high registers without going wonky on pitch or fuzzing out one’s voice. Other vowels allow for certain tricks, but the low throaty vowels in high registers are really tough. So if Lydia is reading…..

In searching for various interviews in support of the new album, I found a snippet of a performance of one of the songs she made famous right after she left Yaz and right before Vince formed Erasure. The song was a single off her first solo album, and here is its incarnation in 1984, which some may remember:

The song’s got a pretty decent range. Hearing the new arrangement is something that the American Idol clones need to pay attention to, and something that experienced singers already know–one can rein it in and yet do more.

The new arrangement is far more desolate and something I want to track down in its entirety:

I love the chord progression and will do all in my power to replicate it on my piano. This arrangement shall be mine.


~ by dblomenb on August 24, 2008.

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