From Spiders to Bigger Beasties

Not wanting to dwell too terribly long on the possibility of other spiders roaming around the house (so far none has made its presence known), I got online and looked for other interesting things. I found another, far more dreadful beast, the Chronophage, the elaborated mechanism topping the new Corsum clock in Cambridge. Stephen Hawking will preside over its unveiling.

The creature at the top of the clock is meant to be an animal that eats time, creeping stealthily over a circular representation of time itself, with lights indicating hours, minutes, seconds, and smaller. Stephen Taylor, the clock’s creator, said he meant the clock to be terrifying, which it is, but it’s also cool as hell.

Take care, websurfers–I’m sure there are important things to do, and time is short…


~ by dblomenb on September 20, 2008.

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