Palin and Kung Pao Chicken–Chinese Buffet Espionage

Today: An upper-60s couple in adjoining booth on a lovely afternoon a week after Hurricane Ike:
He, unlike his wife and I, has a view of the parking lot, says something about the sky clouding up.

She: Has Hurricane Ike come through yet? I heard we were supposed to get rain.

He: Yes, it was sometime earlier. There was another one, but it’s not supposed to hit. [I assume he meant Hanna, which was gone before Ike hit Texas]

…I come back with more shrimp dumplings and Shao Mai; their talk draws me away from the muted televisions hanging from the ceiling.

She: You know, I have a lot of respect for how Sarah Palin dresses. You know that 80s look is my style, and seeing her on TV makes me think..well…that it’s not gone. It’s not like the fashions girls wear today… What those girls wear today is…

The tone implies a facial expression of certain disdain I can’t see from my position hunched over my plate. Her husband says something related to Palin, but moves away from fashion, a subject that doesn’t sound like his forte.

He: I just don’t get why they hate her so much.

She: It’s because of her faith.

He: They’re all so full of hate. All these liberals–where does the hate come from?

She: It’s because they don’t have the Lord. Without the Lord, all those Liberals have is hate. Have you had the ice cream yet?

He: No.

She: It’s firm, it’s good. The Coke is good today too. They’ve got the mix just right. I’ll take my Celebrex when we get home. I’ll be sure to take it with water instead of Coke.

At least even Palin fans know not to combine their ‘scrip drugs with Coke. It’s bad news.

Photo: Davo–Weather Booth at State Fair, August 08

~ by dblomenb on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Palin and Kung Pao Chicken–Chinese Buffet Espionage”

  1. Well, She is partly right. It is because of her faith -or more accurately, what her faith tells her to do.

  2. davo, this conversation breaks my heart. damn, i wish i had written this.

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