More Henry James

In light of what we’ve been through for the last eight years, I bring forth yet more Henry James:

From his 1892 story, “Collaboration”:

“In art there are no countries–no idiotic nationalities, no frontiers, nor douanes, nor still more idiotic fortresses and bayonets. It has the unspeakable beauty of being the region in which those abominations cease, the medium in which such vulgarities simply can’t live. What therefore are we to say of the brutes who wish to drag them all in–to crush to death with them all the flowers of such a garden, to shut out all the light of such a sky?”

Speaking of art, I’m off with most of the other writers I know to AWP, thus a rather sporadic blogging schedule, due to radically increased lecture and celebrity intake.I’ll try to post pix of folks and scenes I run in to.

Pic, taken by Davo, is not of a James book, but rather of Heimito von Doderer’s novel The Demons.

~ by dblomenb on February 8, 2009.

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