It’s Hard to Take Pictures…

001with a broken camera.  Right at the start of my research, the camera has fried.  Fried in an intersting manner–taking pictures that have strangely opalescent skies at best and purplish rain-drenched Impressionism at worst. Arbitrary colors and smeariness I would never have the know-how to do on purpose.

I’d thought it was low batteries, so I went to a drug store near the Hospital to get some.

“The big packs are buy one get one free if you have a card.” the cashier said.  She and the pharmacist behind the counter are talking about the reasons that the Pharmacist and his father don’t talk anymore. How the father just sits in his room and has stuff brought in,even to the point of calling the pharmacist on his cell to get him something out of the refrigerator: and I told him through the phone to get his ass out of bed and get his own damned soda.

017I told her I didn’t have a card.  “That’s OK, I got one for ya.” She pulls out her own card and scans it to give me a price.  I take my five pounds of batteries out to my chained up bike next to the cage that holds the propane-grill tanks, each with a picture of a charging rhinoceros, a blue flame in place of the horn on its snout. The new batteries did not solve the problem. The picture of the one tiny remaining house on Hall Place stretched vertically against a violet sky like an Otranto.


~ by dblomenb on June 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s Hard to Take Pictures…”

  1. i’m sorry about your camera, but i love the effects of it.

  2. Methinks you could enter these into an art photography competition, win big bux, and buy you a new camera.

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