The Library of Babel

Never being able to read all of the books in one’s library is one of the things that book-readers eventually have to resign themselves to.  One of the reasons for this is that, as one goes, more and more books move to the “to be reread” pile, and, of these there are books that can stand to be reread repeatedly.  Combine that with new discoveries and purchases, the books of friends and idols as they come out, and you have an almost infinite regression.  A fragmented, fragmentary attempt at such a “To be reread” list:

Macedonio Fernandez, The Museum of Eterna’s Novel (The First Good Novel).

Robert Musil, The Man without Qualities

Jorge Luis Borges, Fictions

Albert Camus, Notebooks

Heimito von Doderer:  The Demons

Fyodor Dostoevsky:  The Demons

Hermann Hesse:  The Glass Bead Game

Hermann Broch:  The Death of Virgil

Gunter Grass: Too Far Afield

~ by dblomenb on August 26, 2012.

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