Books Read, 2012 Edition:

. An incomplete list.  I’ve got over a month of time yet to make use of, so this will be getting added to in the meantime, and January will bring with it an overview of some of the notables in this list.


01:  A Heaven of Others, Joshua Cohen

02:  The Quorum, Joshua Cohen

03:  Mother Mary, Heinrich Mann

04:  In the Shadow of the Magic Mountain, Andrea Weiss

05:  Above the Leaders, Alice Notley

06:  From the Beginning, Alice Notley

07:  Hermetic Definition, H. D.

08:  165 Meeting House Lane, Alice notley

09:  Phoebe Light, Alice Notley

10:  Tell Me Again/When I Was Alive, Alice Notley

11:  The Artist as Political Educator, Karin Verena Gunnemann

12:  The Blue Angel, Heinrich Mann

13:  The Box, Gunter Grass

14:  Conversations with Zizek, Ed. by Glyn Daly

15:  Autoportrait, Edouard Leve

16:  Flyover, heather June gibbons

17:  Litany for the City, Ryan Teitman

18: Fjords Vol. 1, Zachary Schomburg

19:  I Have Blinded Myself Writing This, Jess Stoner

20:  Continuous Frieze Bordering Red, Michelle Naka Pierce (Three times)

21:  A White Egg for White Death, Milan Dekleva

22:  The Virgin Suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides

23:  Demarcations, Jean Follain

24:  Suicide, Edouard Leve

25:  Hitch-22, Christopher Hitchens

26:  Marshlands and Prometheus Misbound, Andre Gide

27:  Tiresias: The Collected Poems, Leland Hickman

28:  A Fast Life: The Collected Poems, Tim Dlugos

29:  Encounter, Milan Kundera

30:  The Good Soldier Schweik, Jaroslav Hasek

31:  The Map of Human Knowledge, James Tadd Adcox

32:  Swallowing the Sea, Lee Upton

33: The Holocaust as Culture, Imre Kertesz

34:  Youth without God, Odon von Horvath

35:  In Time’s Rift, Ernst Meister

36:  Adam in Eden, Carlos Fuentes

37:  Emmaus, Alessandro Baricco

38:  The Walk, Robert Walser

39:  Thirty Poems, Robert Walser

40:  Mortality, Christopher Hitchens

41:  A Hologram for the King, Dave Eggers

42:  Madame X, Darcie Dennigan

43:  The Flying Creatures of Fra Angelico, Antonio Tabucchi

44:  Lividity, Kim Rosenfield

45:  The Right Place to Jump, Peter Covino

46:  Everyone Has a Mouth, Ernst Herbeck

47:  Public Figures, Jena Osman

48:  Butcher’s Sugar, Brad Richard

49:  A Penance, CJ Evans

50:  Animal Eye, Paisley Rekdal

51:  MLKNG SCKLS, Justin Sirois

52: Dear, Companion, A. E. Watkins

53:  Theophobia, Bruce Beasley

54:  Predatory, Glenn Shaheen

55:  I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say, Anthony Madrid

56:  The Talking Day, Michael Klein


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